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Selection for Airline Industry

U N I Q U E   S O L U T I O N S
   I N   P A R T N E R S H I P

U N I Q U E   S O L U T I O N S   I N   P A R T N E R S H I P

It takes more than aircraft to run an airline. Despite advanced technical development, with the present growth in the airline industry, the world will soon risk experiencing one major flight accident a week. 2 of 3 will probably be related to human errors. Flight safety starts in the board room and ends up at the front line personnel. Future winners will be the airlines with the best products at the best cost, under the condition that they have realized the increased penetrative power of flight safety as a competitive advantage.

Working at the top is strenuous both in the perspective of the individual and the team. The burden of the final responsibility, demands for ultimate decisions, highly set expectations, the official and exposed role etc. Not surprising that the time executives spend at the top decreases and the inclination these days for becoming a leader at all is not what it used to be. Leaders are human beings and when they risk burning out, they need emotional support. Winners take preventive action to keep their leaders and staff fit for fight in the increased competitive business environment.

Albert Consulting has acted as coach and trainer for managers and managing teams both within traditional organizations as BP Asia, UNILEVER and more innovative companies as well. Are your leaders fit for fight? The future demands it.

All successful organizations have an effective leadership model. SCANIA had one called “Coordinated Independence“ and SAS has another called “Supporting Leadership“. Winners are those organizations that not only present the model on flashy overheads but are also able to link it to their vision, strategy and values. Winners see to it that models turn into flesh and blood through a consistent application in daily operations. All this is made visible in recruitment, in succession planning, PD-talks, remuneration systems and leadership training. Albert Consulting has served such clients as ERICSSON, SAS and SCANIA in developing a well-functioning Leadership Model with related tools


Our development Centers focuses hands-on tools applicable to the daily work in an international multi-cultural aviation environment.

Expected results are managers who:

The objectives are also to create a common base for Leadership within the airline: “This is the way we lead in our airline.”

Finally the Development Center will also offer the participating leaders a personal development in their roles as managers and team members.


The following subjects are covered.

Training methods are a mixture of lectures, cases, role-plays, games, group tasks etc. “Learn by acting”.


To facilitate the participants’ development and career, a summarizing feedback is accomplished to the participants and airline. The objective is to support the participants’ career planning and personal development, which is a part of the management’s responsibilities.